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You are extraordinary.

empower AND ELEVATE your possibilities!

I'm honored to be representing and working for this pioneering organization with Founder and CEO, Rico Ricketson.


Dr. Kimble Greene, PhD

chief Mental Health Officer

Leading Corporate Mental Health & Wellbeing Initiatives

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Corporate Mental Health Champion
Certification Program

NEW 2023!

Stay ahead of pending legislation and federal requirements for corporate mental health standards.
Certify your people leaders and your corporation as workplace Mental Health Champions in this comprehensive mental health and leadership development certificate program.

I empower individuals and leaders in identifying and clearing blocks so they can move forward and achieve their goals!

You already have what it takes.

It's all about the science. My role is to translate the science into simple, personalized, and applicable strategies. Your role is to use the strategies and transform your future.

It's a fact. Science has proven you are much more than your DNA, your brain, and your body.  With the power of your beliefs and the energy of your thoughts, you have the ability change patterns, behaviors, outcomes, and even your cellular development.

As an extraordinary individual, you can harness the untapped capacities within to identify and shift blocks, thereby clearing your past, claiming your present, and transforming your future.

As an evolutionary leader, your potential level of influence and impact is infinite. It's all about the strategies.

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imagine being able to...

Manage challenges successfully.

Solve problems quickly.

Work through blocks effectively.

Achieve Your Goals - personal and professional.

I provide the strategies and expertise, along with my internationally acclaimed method to guide you into transforming your future. It's what I do and I'm a Pro.

This is the missing link.


Lives will be changed.

Jennifer, Practitioner & Entrepreneur

The answer to

my prayers!

Working with Dr. Kimble has been a life altering experience for which I am ever grateful!”

Rita, Educator

It's an essential life-altering experience! 

What I like about it [The Monarch Method] is it's not psychotherapy or a clinical approach - it's an empowerment process. Additionally, Dr. Greene's depth of knowledge and expertise, along with her wisdom and remarkable skills makes this essential for every leader.

Benjamin, CEO & Global leader

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For People With Goals

The Monarch Method is a game-changer! 

Life without The Monarch Method™ is like trying to piece together someone else’s puzzle without even having the picture. Monarch Method™ allows you to create your OWN picture AND gives you the tools and strategies to create it from the inside out. You can be the artist and author of your own life."

Dr. Punzo, MD

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Get my newest tips and insights about leadership, transformation, and moving forward!

The science informing my research, methodology, and strategies include: epigenetics, neuroscience, psychology, and quantum physics.

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