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Master Catalyst for
People with Goals

There Is More Of You Beneath The Surface...

it's time to replace your hidden outdated patterns.

A Message From Kimble

The key to achieving and sustaining well-being and success (professional and personal) is in transforming your hidden outdated core beliefs to new beliefs that align with your current circumstances, goals, and desires.

Over 90% of who you are is subconscious, leaving less than 10% of your conscious thoughts, feelings, and actions accessible to navigate your life and the world. The objective is to shift your subconscious core beliefs from no longer supportive to supportive, powerfully validating who you are today and who you envision becoming.

As you progress in this process, many of the external resources you choose - therapies, supplements, courses, and other lifestyle enhances - will begin to work more effectively, and the results will become long-term and sustainable with much less effort.

As a result, you will no longer need to chase down the newest health, wellness, and leadership development craze. The resources you have been sing will simple work they were meant to because of the new inner foundation of self-value and personal power you have created with you new core beliefs.

It is my honor to guide you from surviving to thriving and into your soul's purpose and passion.

Living Soul Forward, Kimble

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1:1 Executive Consulting

For high performing leaders invested in themselves and ready to take their leadership from great to evolutionary.

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For Catalysts and Leaders on the edge of transformative impact

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1:1 Personalized Program

For individuals eager to remove blocks, ready to move forward and achieve their goals

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Performance Coach

Wellness Entrepreneur

Named "12 Most Powerful Women in the Mindfulness Movement"

- Mindful Magazine

If you're a leader who senses that you're not performing at your highest level, in either your personal or professional life, I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Greene's Empowerment Method. It offers a transformative experience unlike anything you've encountered before.


Throughout my personal and professional journey, I always sensed an invisible barrier impeding my success. This elusive obstacle held me back from fully realizing my potential. Though I was aware of its presence, accessing it remained a challenge. However, my experience with Dr. Kimble Greene completely transformed my perspective. Over the course of 12 weeks, Dr. Greene skillfully guided me in uncovering an outdated core belief that had long been lurking beneath my conscious awareness. I came to understand how this belief had been silently influencing my thoughts, emotions, and actions on a subconscious level. It became clear I had been holding myself back, playing small in various aspects of my life.


Now, having updated this core belief, I feel a profound sense of lightness and freedom, coupled with a newfound level of confidence that has empowered me to fully step into my power.

Working with Kimble is, "An essential life-altering experience! 

What I like about Dr. Greene's method is it's not coaching, psychotherapy, or a clinical approach -

it's an empowerment process. Additionally, Dr. Greene's depth of knowledge and expertise, along with her wisdom and remarkable skills makes this essential for every leader."

Benjamin, CEO & Global leader

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Vice President

Allied Global Marketing

For an empowering, transformative, and life-changing experience, I highly recommend Personal Empowerment with Dr Greene. 

While I try to go into every experience with an open mind, I have always managed my expectations when it comes to my own personal and professional growth. To say that my time working with Dr Greene was transformative, however, couldn't be more of an understatement. 


I had the privilege of working with Dr Greene in her empowerment program over the course of a few months. The journey I experienced during that time opened my life to a potential I did not think was possible, both professionally and personally. Through my work with Dr. Greene, I was able to clearly identify barriers that had been holding me back in my career and life for years, and have been able to successfully implement those as a leader in my industry, to advance my career, as well as grow personally.  

The Science


It's a fact, science has proven you are much more than your DNA, your brain, and your body.

You were born with the world's most unique and advanced operating system. With the

power of your beliefs and the energy of your thoughts, you have the ability change patterns,

behaviors, outcomes, and even your cellular development.

As an extraordinary individual, you can harness your untapped abilities to identify and

remove blocks, thereby clearing your past, claiming your present, and transforming your future.

As an evolutionary leader, your potential level of influence and impact is infinite. 


Personal and/or's all about the science, the strategies, and your soul's desire.

Over 90% of your cognition is subconscious. It's time to access the subconscious beliefs encoded in your brain to align them with your conscious intentions and goals.

The sciences informing Dr. Greene's translational research, methodology, and strategies include: Behavioral Epigenetics, Neuroscience, Psychology, Quantum Physics

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Kimble Greene, PhD
Master Catalyst & Performance Consultant

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