About the Cards...

Throughout time, many have believed that powers greater than those existing in the physical world watch over the human race, the entire Universe in fact. These Cosmic entities are said to exist in many forms – gods, spirits, fairies, angels, guides, deities, and more. Unwavering proof of the existence of these beings remains out-of-reach, yet evidence of their benevolent influence is ever-present and has been recorded across cultures over millions of years.
These Cosmic entities are made of the same energy that makes up everything else in the physical world, including your mind, body, emotions, and spirit. Energy is like the threads that bind various patches of cloth together, creating a magnificent, luminously colored quilt. Everything is connected through energy. Among other things, this energetic connection facilitates communication between the physical and metaphysical realms. Those non-physical aspects of your being – intuition, spirit, vision, wisdom, knowing – are how this communication is received.
The Monarch Method™ Oracle Cards provide you with a tool with which to interpret the messages that are passed along from the metaphysical realm to the earthly realm. These cards are not intended to predict the future; rather they offer guidance and direction with what you intuitively and subconsciously know to be in your best interest. The Cosmic beings who watch over you offer their guidance through messages accessed with your imagination, intuition, and sixth
sense. These inner capacities are at work all of the time, whether you’re conscious of them or not. Messages are perceived by you in various forms – words, colors, images, sounds, smells, signs, and more.
The Monarch Method™ Oracle Cards will assist you in expanding your capacity for information, knowledge, messages, and guidance from the Cosmos in a more conscious and direct way. They were designed for and are key to The Monarch Method™ process in identifying your core beliefs, both past and present. 

About the Illustrations...

Each of the winged creatures were lovingly designed and illustrated by Lisa Greenleaf. Both mythical and actual winged creatures were chosen by Kimble to accentuate the core beliefs on each card because they represent free will and grace. With wings you can soar above the earth, temporarily leaving the physical realm. Flight is an expression of freedom from those things that hold you down. Wings are a powerful symbol of your ability to rise above it all and soar to new heights.
Lisa channeled 34 unique messages to create each exquisite image. I felt it important to include Lisa’s messages in this book because they add a spiritual perspective that I believe to be valuable and relevant to the process of personal transformation.

How To Use...

Designed for the purposes of guidance and support, these cards can be used as suggested here or in ways you personally create. The possibilities are endless. The general use of oracle cards is often referred to as a reading or pulling a card. The cards you end up with in a reading come to you through unseen cosmic forces, energetic sources that are not of this physical world. Have faith that each card’s message is either meant for you personally or for you to pass along. All of the core beliefs on these cards are traits inherent in everyone, but some of them will resonate more with you than others.
When a card appears Upright in your reading, it indicates you are in alignment with the core message of the card. When you pull a card Reversed, you are simply out of alignment with your true nature. To re-align with your true nature, apply the Upright message using The Monarch Method™.
**Please note: In these virtual readings, all cards appear upright. For the complete card description and how to integrate with The Monarch Method, refer to the Oracle Card Guidebook (paperback)
Have faith, Dear One, for you are wiser and more powerful than you realize . Use these cards for enjoyment or for your personal healing and growth . You will benefit in ways beyond measure.
Love & Spirit, Kimble