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For People With Goals

The Monarch MethodTM
Evolutionary Leadership Program



Module 1 - A Beginning
Module 2 - Paradigm
Module 3 - Strategy
Module 4 - Power
Module 5 - Collective
Module 6 - Goals
Module 7 - Core Beliefs
Module 8 - Evolution
Module 9 - Leadership
Module 10 - Inner Circle
Module 11 - Outer Circle
Module 12 - Impact

WELCOME to your Monarch Leader journey!

It's time to...Clear your past, Claim your present, and Transform your future.

"The Monarch Method is a game-changer."



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These are the program books you will receive in the mail:

Your Monarch Method manual.

Please use your Monarch Method Power Journal for all program related practices, exercises, reflections, and questions as well as for your personal musings and journaling.

The Monarch Method Power Cards will be introduced and used in Chapter 10. However, please feel free to explore them in the meantime.

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TMM Journal.jpg
TMM Cards.jpg

How It Works

Purpose: The Monarch Method™ for Evolutionary Leadership is a 3-step process for identifying and shifting the blocks that create barriers to achieving and sustaining well-being and success. During this course you will:

  • Identify the things that are blocking you

  • Create new strategies and beliefs that support your goals moving forward

  • Move past the old behaviors and thoughts that are keeping you stuck

  • Implement the shifts you desire for lasting change 

Design: In this personalized setting you will work directly with Kimble via video sessions, modules and readings. The course is designed to integrate self-guided learning through reading and writing as well as guided discoveries, exploration, and conversation with Kimble.


Prepare for a journey of discovery, strategy, and empowerment!

Create your own schedule, work from the private place you choose, and transform on your terms.

Format: Kimble has created a systematic sequence of modules and practices that will give you a clear path to learning, self-discovery, shifting and transformation. You’ll receive videos and materials to support your learning and practices, including:

  • The Monarch Method™ 3-book set

  • The Core Instincts Leadership Quiz

  • Virtual Modules and content

  • Bi-weekly private 60-minute video sessions with Dr. Kimble Greene

  • Unlimited email support for the duration of the program

What You Need for the Program

Technology: For this program you will need a desk or laptop computer with access to the internet. This program does not view correctly on a phone or other mobile device.

Materials: The Monarch Method 3-book set is included with the program. 

Space: Please create private time and space for reading, writing, processing, and your video sessions with Kimble.

Time: Each aspect of the structured program and readings involves varying amounts of time each week - typically 1-2 hours. Beyond that, the time you put in to yourself and your growth is up to you.

Commitment: As with most things, the time and energy you devote are relative to your results and outcome. The steps and practices in The Monarch Method are essential to deep, lasting change and goal achievement. The excitement of learning and understanding a new concept is the spiritual half of your journey. Creating cognitive, psychological, and leadership change is the second half of your journey. Both are essential to sustainable growth - for going from surviving to thriving!

Please take the Core Instincts Leadership Quiz prior to your 1st session

**If you haven't already done so, please take the CORE INSTINCTS LEADERSHIP QUIZ - your results will help us both clarify where you are today 

and the areas of focus moving forward. You will receive your percentage results immediately with a  more detailed evaluation emailed from Kimble.

(the personal version is optional) 

Leadership quiz.png


This personalized 1:1 program is organized into 12 Modules, delivered over 4-6 months with 12 bi-weekly video sessions lasting 60-90 minutes.

Module 1 – A Beginning

     Focus: Introduction and Why?

Module 2 – A New World Order

     Focus: Vision and Balance

Module 3 – Science & Strategy

     Focus: The Catalyst Factor

Module 4 – Power & Forgiveness

     Focus: Control and Freedom

Module 5 – The Collective

     Focus: Presence and Grace

Module 6 – Goals 

     Focus:  TMM Step 1

Module 7 – Core Beliefs

     Focus: Identify and Shift

Module 8 – Evolution

     Focus: Stepping Up

Module 9 – Evolutionary Leadership

     Focus: How am I different?

Module 10 – Inner Circle  

     Focus: The Bullseye

Module 11 – Outer Circle

     Focus: Rings of Influence

Module 12 – Impact

     Focus: Global Influence and Moving Forward

Please reach out if you have inquiries, challenges, etc. - all questions are good ones ;-)


Welcome again to clearing your past, claiming your present, and transforming your future!


I look forward to getting to know you.

With Grace, Kimble

Got a question? Email Kimble at:
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