Success is YOURS for the Taking.

Transforming Your Future!

Claiming Your Present.

Clearing Your Past.

With over 35 years' experience, I create Extraordinary Transformation, taking you from surviving to thriving, so you can soar into the next level of personal and professional success! My philosophy blends the wisdom of quantum psychology and neuroscience in an approach that establishes core beliefs as the foundation for adapting, changing and evolving - revealing the inner wisdom, grace and real power to propel you into thriving and success!

Imagine being able to manage challenges successfully. Imagine being able to solve problems quickly and effectively. Imagine being able to work through blocks and achieve your goals. Now YOU can! 

Using my internationally acclaimed 3-step process for personal transformation, The Monarch MethodTM, I tap into the power and know-how already within you, giving you the strategies and tools to clear your past, remove what's blocking you and transform your life!

Stop swirling around the same struggles once and for all!

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Why Should I Schedule a Catalyst Call with Kimble?

It's an essential life-altering experience! 

What I like about it [The Monarch method] is it's not psychotherapy or a clinical approach - it's an empowerment process. Additionally, Dr. Greene's depth of knowledge and expertise, along with her wisdom and remarkable skills makes this essential for every leader.

Benjamin, CEO & Global leader

A friend referred me to Kimble. After our first meeting, I felt a calmness I hadn't felt for months. Kimble is a teacher, a guide who has shown me how to use the tools I had within me to channel the positive instead of negative.

Carol, Entrepreneur 

Kimble embraces all religions, cultures and personal lifestyle choices in her unique approach to healing your life and loving who you are. From the moment you begin with Dr. Greene, you will begin to understand your life from a new perspective."

Midwestern Book Review

Kimble, your personal story is very much 'the hero's journey'.

Your message just flows naturally from you and you truly show the depth of your knowledge on managing emotional and spiritual struggles.

Jim Lewis, Bestselling Author, Business Coach, CEO Create Your Authority

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Due to the confidential nature of Kimble's work with high profile clients coupled with her clients expectation for privacy, the majority come by private referral where complete discretion is maintained.

For those interested in more information, please send a confidential message directly to:

Dr. Kimble Greene.

Confidential Contact with Dr. Kimble Greene
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