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The Monarch MethodTM
for Personal Development

MODULE 8 - Step 1 of The Monarch Method


Focus: As we dive into the method steps, it's vital you create clarity on 2 things: 1. Your #1 concern or struggle and, 2. Your #1 goal. It's surprising how often we think we know what we want to resolve and accomplish only to find there are deeper layers that require resolution first. In this step, you;'re going to get to the bottom of your core struggle and your current primary goal.


Assignment: In your manual, complete Chapter 8

Supplemental Reading: From this module forward, there will be no more supplemental readings as it is important to focus on this core beliefs shifting process.

This week's question: 

What do you think your #1 concern and #1 goal are right now? Have they changed since you first began this program?

You can write your answer to this week’s question in your Monarch Method Personal Journal..