The author of 5 books, including an Amazon #1 bestseller, and an influential blog focusing on personal power, transformation and leadership, Kimble has been writing with distinction and changing lives for years. 
The Midwest Book Review says, "Understanding yourself is key to taking control of one's own life. "One...: Embracing Life and Illuminating Your Spirit" is a spirituality and self-improvement book as Dr. Kimble Greene encourages readers to find their own spirit and drive their lives to push themselves further stronger in their lives to get more out of their lives. From coping with loss and depression to driving oneself to greater successes, "One..." is a powerful read that shouldn't be overlooked for many spiritual readers. ONE… is a non-fiction guide to self-discovery and personal growth offering concepts, models for practice, tools and resources with regard to popular topics such as; spirituality, energy, relationships, holistic practices and more. Dr. Greene embraces all religions, cultures and personal lifestyle choices in her unique approach to healing your life and loving who you are. ONE... is truly life changing! Dr. Greene writes, ‘Within these pages you will find insights on many topics related to achieving a balanced, whole life. This book is intended to be an introduction to the basics of living a conscious and joy-filled life.’ From the moment you pick-up Dr. Greene’s amazing book, you will begin to understand your life from a new perspective, ‘This knowing, this new understanding about your very existence changes everything. All of a sudden, things become clear, burdens are lifted and love abounds when you open to the constant Source of loving support, which exists throughout the universe as your essential energy supply’."

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