Getting the most from the quiz:


Using 5 categories, Physical - Mental - Emotional - Relational - Spiritual, it assesses and ranks the instincts you tend to rely on most and least to navigate life. 


It’s important to remember:

  • Check the columns which apply to you most of the time.

  • Trust your ‘gut’ response, it is likely the most authentic—no need to overthink.

  • Being deeply honest with yourself now will be the most productive for you moving forward

  • Stay open and allow new and unexpected thoughts, feelings and responses to emerge—your inner instincts offer wise guidance.

Your information will be kept private and confidential and

will NOT be used for marketing purposes or shared with 3rd parties.


    1. For each statement, check one - Success or Shift

             Success - determine whether or not you perform this to your satisfaction.

              Shift - indicate if you’d like to make changes.

    2. If you come across a question(s) not relevant to you, check SUCCESS.

    3. The assessment must be completed in one sitting or your results will be lost.


  • Your results will appear as percentage rankings by category. 

  • Remember, this scale is relative only to you and your capacities. It is not a comparative scale, in other words, there is no broad standard for what is 'normal' or 'healthy'. 

  • You will also receive your results via email.

Most important, have fun with your journey of discovery