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Below are 6 options for learning, growing, evolving, healing, succeeding, or achieving.

Not sure which one is right for you? Simply fill out my confidential contact form or schedule a complimentary consult - the choice is yours!


Do you want to grow?

THE transformative series
6 mindset booklets

Living inside-out is the key to healing, growth, and transformation. These booklets offer a beginning to understanding your inherent capacities for moving forward.

Buy 1 or the set of 6 mindset booklets (PDF downloads).
Snippets of wisdom and strategies
for healing, growing, and transforming.

T Booklet cover CF.png
T Booklet cover S v T.png
Transformative Booklet cover CP.png
T Booklet cover grace.png
Transformative Booklet cover IO.png
Transformative Booklet cover Beliefs.png

$3.00 each

Do you love to learn?

THE leadership series
6 mindset booklets

The evolving mindset is key to change, growth, and transformation. These booklets offer a glimpse into
the pathway forward to evolutionary leadership.

Buy 1 or the set of 6 mindset booklets (PDF downloads).
Snippets of leadership wisdom and strategies
for moving onward and upward.

$3.00 each

Booklet Cover NWO.png
Booklet Cover NWO.png
Booklet Cover NWO.png
Booklet Cover NWO.png
Booklet Cover NWO.png
Booklet Cover NWO.png

Are you ready to move forward?

When surviving is no longer enough

Stop just surviving. Start thriving. Part wisdom, part story, and part solution this multi-topic book is sure to propel you from surviving to thriving.

“Dr. Greene’s book will challenge you to your core.  It poses questions and practices that will provide you with a blueprint for change and growth."
Mo Fathelbab, Global Leader, Author of The Friendship Advantage – 7 Keys to building relationships that transform culture and drive productivity



Are you all about energy and belief?

ONE:Embracing Life & illuminating your Spirit!

Life is challenging - this book offers a variety of solutions toward resolving problems, overcoming challenges, recovering from difficulty, loss, or trauma, and reclaiming your spirit.

“Dr. Greene embraces all religions, cultures and personal lifestyle choices in her unique approach to healing your life and loving who you are. ONE... is truly life changing!"
Midwestern Book Review

front cover for dist med 3d.jpg


Are you curious?

core instincts quiz

Expertly designed and formulated by Dr. Greene, this self-assessment tool uses 5 areas - mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, relational - to identify the instincts you rely on most and least to navigate your life.

Take 1 or both quizzes (personal & leadership) and receive instant results. As a special bonus, you'll also receive personalized, in-depth results analysis by Dr. Greene.

Core Instincts Quiz.png
Leadership quiz.png

Who = People seeking answers and direction.



Are you tired of simply surviving?

the thriver

A 1:1 personalized deep dive experience with Dr. Greene. In this 4 month program you will clearly identify your blocks, clarify your goals, and move past the subconscious outdated beliefs keeping you from solving problems and achieving your goals.

"I'll teach you everything I know about whats keeps us stuck and what propels us forward - the science and the strategies. Using The Monarch Method, I'll guide you through clearing your past, claiming your present, and transforming your future." Kimble

Stones of Meaning

Who = Individuals ready to clear blocks and begin thriving!

How - virtual program with video sessions


Are you eager to maximize your potential?

the maximizer

The Monarch Method™ is consistently and swiftly effective because subconscious core beliefs are either supportive or unsupportive, they become either a gateway or a block to all personal and professional experiences, healing, growth and development. When they are blocking the path forward, other services, interventions, and products are less effective and ultimately unsustainable.

"As a Monarch Method™ Specialist you will have the knowhow to assist your clients in removing those blocks. The Monarch Method™ has been proven time and again to work for providers from various fields and industries in taking their approach, and their clients outcomes, to the next level of success." Kimble

Open Book

Who = coaches, counselors, providers ready to maximize their potential and take their clients success to the next level!

How - virtual program with video sessions


Are you ready for your leadership to become evolutionary?

the influencer


For high net worth individuals, executives, c-suites, and leaders committed to their personal and professional growth and ready to make the transition to Evolutionary Leadership by investing in themselves.

"My game-changing approach, The Monarch Method for Evolutionary Leadership, continues to take leaders worldwide to the next level of personal and professional success." Kimble

Cliff Hiking

Who = leaders invested in themselves and their organizations who are ready to take their leadership from great to evolutionary!

How - virtual program with video sessions

Kimble lion butterfly.png
Monarch Method logo_large.jpg

For People With Goals

The Monarch Method has proven successful time and time again and it happens quickly by identifying and shifting unseen blocks. The process is straightforward and there's no rummaging through old, unwanted memories or digging up the past .

The science behind The Monarch Method is proven. It helps you Clarify the core beliefs and patterns that are now outdated. It outlines how to Create new core beliefs related to YOUR specific goals. It guides you in Transforming those aspects of yourself and your life you want to change or expand.

Everything you need to resolve issues, solve problems and achieve your goals
already exists within you. 

It's simply a matter of applying the right strategies to tap into all your inner Power!

The Monarch Method is the uniquely personalized formula for identifying and shifting the blocks keeping you from the success you desire and deserve!


having the strategies to work through issues quickly and effectively!


being able to successfully manage challenges and struggles on your own terms!


becoming the YOU of your visions - You already are who you've been searching for!

It's Exciting...
Knowing you can accomplish in a few weeks what has or could take years!





"The only way to truly understand the impact of The Monarch Method TM is to

experience it!"

3 Pathways to Transforming Your Future...
Stones of Meaning
Open Book
Cliff Hiking

 "I believe people are more powerful than they realize. You have within you the ability to resolve issues, achieve your goals and create success in all aspects of your life.

10 years ago, I created the Catalyst Factor followed by the preeminent 3-step formula for personal transformation – The Monarch Method. It gives you the strategies to identify what’s blocking you so you can create a clear pathway to success. You can use it for many issues, from personal to professional.


What is your experience with effectively and quickly working through struggles and reaching your goals on  your own? I can tell you how it’s worked for me and my clients. I struggled with depression and low self worth throughout my teens and twenties, to the point where I was sabotaging relationships and my career. I was able to work through those issues using the strategies in The Monarch Method, though I didn’t know it at the time. Years later, when I opened a private practice, so many of my clients were struggling with the same issues and unable to figure out how to work through challenges and struggles without prescriptions or ongoing reliance on providers, among other things.

So, I set out to create a method to give my clients independence and empower them to work through issues and achieve their goals with or without outside resources. That’s when The Monarch Method was born. Since then, it has been successful for people with personal and professional challenges and goals.


The Monarch Method is fun, easy and works very quickly. You’re going to love it and you can use it anytime, anywhere and on your own or with support."    Kimble


The Monarch Method is an individualized process for removing blocks and getting to the core of your concerns and goals, empowering you to transform your future.


Using the historic and current wisdom of psychology, neuroscience, epigenetics, and quantum physics along with energy and beliefs, it's the exciting pathway to feeling better and experiencing success in every area of your life.

You will be very excited about the discoveries and changes right from the start. That's why it is essential to stick with the program and follow through with all 3 steps. If you stop short, chances are you will return to old patterns.

The Monarch Method™ is the missing link.  Lives will be changed.


As a child sick had become safe. Nothing bad could happen in sick-bed solitude. While this belief worked well for me as a child, as a grown adult it became an unnecessary obstacle. Sick was no longer safe.

With Dr. Kimble’s guidance, I reframed, redeveloped, and transformed this core belief and its attached coping mechanisms. I found this [Monarch Method™] process to be so gentle, that multiple beliefs were brought to the surface in a short amount of time – each shifting with little effort. Each person is different, and the ease of transformation likewise.

Jennifer M., Holistic Practitioner, Entrepreneur


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