Soulful Immersions

Tranquility, Renewal & Transformation

Discover, Connect & Transform

"A woman knows life takes shape in big and small spaces, and the moments in between.
When we're simply ourselves, IN THE EVERYDAY ACT OF BEING, we don't have to move mountains or make miracles...but sometimes we do anyway.
you can see it in the many paths we take and in how we come together to create something greater than any one of us could alone. 

These 3-day mini-retreats are life-changing. Within an exclusive group of 6 women, you'll be immersed in a weekend of discovery and tranquility that will transform you mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Together, we'll get to the core of what's blocking you, create lasting change, and give you the tools, practices and strategies to transform your future.


Within this small private gathering of extraordinary souls you'll have the opportunity to connect with other women at a luxury location. Transformative and life-altering, this program is essential for every woman with problems to solve or goals to achieve. Be prepared to have your world rocked!

Whether you're a woman with goals to accomplish or struggles to resolve, The Monarch Method™ along with my leadership, guidance and the connections created within this sacred small group setting are life changing! In this program you will:

Get to the core of who you are and why you think, feel and act the way you do

Attain absolute clarity about what you want to create and the strategies to actually do it

Experience long awaited changes and sustain them

Connect and bond with women in a small private group setting (6 women)

Build success in multiple areas of your life

Achieve your goals and begin to live the life you dream

Transform your future on your terms

This 3-day experiential live program is infused with activities and services:

  • 3 days and 3 nights at a luxury location

  • Meet and work directly with Kimble as you begin your personal journey of transformation 

  • Exposure to a variety of modalities, i.e. sound therapy, meditation, mediumship, visualization, therapeutic writing and more

  • A private 1-hour session with Kimble

  • The Monarch Method 3-book set - You Are Not Broken/The Monarch Method Manual, The Monarch Method Oracle Card Deck & guidebook, The Monarch Method Personal Journal

In this live group setting, you will:

  • Work alongside Kimble as you begin your Monarch journey

  • Create connections and build a support system with extraordinary women

  • Move through steps 3 out 4 in The Monarch Method

  • Get away from it all and enjoy time in a relaxing luxury location

Group vs. One-to-One

We are social beings by nature. That's why belonging, acceptance and relationships are an essential part of our lives and well-being. In these private settings, groups of like-minded women share struggles, goals and success offering empathy, support and the vital connections we so desire.

These types of sacred group settings provide a wonderful environment for healing, learning, growth and transformation. That said, the suitability of a group versus one-to-one setting is entirely unique to each individual, ultimately it comes down to preference. 

Empowering and Transforming

Kimble's unique combination of psychology, neuroscience and spirituality along with her remarkable method, the personal connection she makes with each individual, and her strategies will open up new realms of thriving for you, your relationships and your life.  


You already are who you've been waiting for - with Kimble's guidance and The Monarch Method you will access the perfect combination of science and spirituality that will reveal the inner sources and outer strategies to accomplish your goals and achieve success.

2020 Soulful Immersions

scheduled for March and September

Limited to 6 women per immersion. 

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