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Module 7 - Future
Module 8 - TMM Step 1
Module 9 - TMM Step 2
Module 10 - TMM Step 3(a)
Module 11 - TMM Step3(b)
Module 12 - Foward
Wrap Up
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For People With Goals

The Monarch MethodTM
Personal Empowerment Program



Our existence and evolution on this planet are based on relationships - with people, nature, animals, situations, and most importantly...your self. You are the common denominator, the center point of how you relate to everyone and everything.

There is no greater love than self love - that's the starting point for all personal healing, growth, and change. you cannot give away what you do not possess, so without authentic self love, healthy loving relationships with others - personal and professional - will be hard to come by. You soul essence already loves you because you exists, now it's time to spread the good vibes!


Please read this supplemental articles

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In your manual, complete Chapter 6

In your journal, please answer this focus question:

What is it that makes you lovable? Where does love come from?

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