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The Visionary Mastermind

Envision yourself as a vital part of an empowered collective, a closely-knit community of conscious individuals, all steadfast catalysts committed to sparking profound personal and professional change in themselves, their clients/colleagues, and the world at large. This is the essence of our mastermind group. It's where people driven by an unquenchable thirst for self-growth and global impact come together, shaping a compelling vision of their future selves and molding their imprint on the world.

This bespoke mastermind, led by transpersonal psychologist and leadership strategist Kimble Greene, PhD is unparalleled. It offers a customized journey that propels personal growth and professional excellence to an entirely new, evolutionary level.

You're not just joining a group – you're immersing yourself in an exclusive community of exceptional individuals, visionary trailblazers, and kindred souls. 

Blurry Drops

"Deliberately seek the company of people who influence you to think and act on building the life you desire."

Napoleon Hill

Empowered Evolution: The Visionary Mastermind

As you navigate the profound global transformations shaping our world – from health and climate to politics, industry, societal values, and human interactions – you're faced with the formidable challenge of effectively managing the ever-evolving demands on your professional life, personal well-being, and financial stability. The ability to strike a harmonious balance among these responsibilities underscores the critical need for adaptability and resilience.

In today's rapidly changing landscape, leadership transcends past achievements, job titles, social status, and financial accomplishments. To excel as a leader in this dynamic era, you must deliberately nurture a transformative mindset, both within yourself and in your interactions with the world around you. As an individual, embracing your exceptional uniqueness can be equally daunting.

Successful leadership in the contemporary world is anchored in profound self-awareness and personal evolution. This journey begins with a conscious choice to live and operate with a deep sense of presence and peace, promoting optimal physical and psychological well-being as well as a harmonious balance.

If you're eager to unlock your untapped inner wisdom and unleash your full potential, allowing you to optimize your performance, I invite you to explore opportunities to collaborate with me. Click here to embark on a transformative journey toward excellence and personal growth, and together, we can navigate this path to transforming your future.

What is a Mastermind?

A mastermind group is a select group of like-minded, growth oriented catalysts, focused on personal, professional, and global transformation. As leaders and human beings eager to evolve while creating a vision of their future selves and how they want to show up in the world.

The Empowered Evolution Mastermind is for you if you are...

  • A Catalyst, Leader, Business Owner, Experienced Entrepreneur, or Visionary Professional.

  • 45+ and feel it's time to elevate your life and leadership. 

  • Desiring to expand your future vision of yourself. 

  • Navigating through change and transition.

  • Ready to claim your hidden potential for greater impact and influence.

  • Committed to learning and growing as a growth-minded leader.

  • Hungry for a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

  • Wanting to strengthen your resilience and thriving. 

  • Interested in understanding the bigger context of our times and future.

Philosophy of Empowered Evolution

Science has illuminated a remarkable truth: You transcend your DNA, your brain, and your body. From the moment you were born, you've been equipped with the world's most extraordinary and advanced operating system. Through the extraordinary power of your beliefs and the energy of your thoughts, you hold the potential to reshape patterns, behaviors, outcomes, and even your cellular development.

As an exceptional individual, you possess the innate ability to tap into your latent potential, allowing you to uncover and eliminate obstacles that have held you back. This process leads to a profound transformation that allows you to clear your past, claim your present, and transform your future.

As an evolutionary catalyst and leader, your capacity for influence and impact knows no bounds. Whether it's in your personal life or professional endeavors, the key lies in the fusion of science, strategic thinking, and the deepest desires of your soul.

Learning, Growing, Evolving

Peace, Joy, Harmony

Connection, Community, Love

Purpose, Passion, Trust

Movement, Nature, Wellness

Benefits of Empowered Evolution

  • The power of proven methodology to make real change.

  • World class 1:1 coaching and guidance.

  • Learn about the power of intuition and trusting your gut.

  • Tools on what to do when you feel stressed, confused, scared, triggered, or alone.

  • How to build your leadership role to the place you want to be.

  • Boundaries around keeping yourself in integrity, healthy, and feeling alive.

  • How to create space, solitude, and sanctuary in your life.

  • How to feel real freedom and thrive despite the chaos around you.

  • Life-long connections and support from this life-changing and transformative experience.

Lotus in Bloom

Next Mastermind begins June 2024

Our Mastermind Approach: Applying the Quantum Evolutionary Methodology

1. We begin with your hidden patterns…

Consider this: Over 90% of your cognition operates at a subconscious level including old outdated beliefs that no longer serve you.

Envision this: You possess the innate ability to access, uncover, and eliminate these hidden obstacles that have held you back. 


Under the guidance of Dr. Kimble Greene, this process leads to a profound transformation, enabling you to clear your past, claim your present, and dramatically reshape your future. 

Imagine the possibilities that emerge when you replace antiquated, outdated inner scripts encoded in your brain with your conscious, empowering intentions and goals.

The transformations in your thoughts, behaviors, and actions are profoundly life-changing.

2. Then synchronize your body and mind…

You will integrate your learnings into how your perform and thrive - mentally and physically.


As one whole being, optimizing your performance is about mind, body, emotions, and spirit. Together, you will decide what you want to change including energy, productivity, motivation, sleep, mood, stress, resiliency, mental endurance, physical strength, etc. You will evaluate your current practices including nutrition, supplementation, movement, sleep, stress, recovery time, etc.


And you will commit to tighten up practices/routines that need attention, introduce new practices and protocols, and best ways to stay accountable, motivated and consistent.

3. Finally, you put evolutionary practice into evolutionary action…

Over the course of the first 9 months of your group mastermind immersion experience, along with the 1:1 coaching with Kimble, you will build an anti-fragile mindset. Antifragility basically means that instead of being resilient or adaptive you actually get stronger in the face of extreme stressors, chaos, and disorder.

Rather than just dealing with the changing landscape, personally and professionally, you actually use the mastermind and your real life experiences to improve. An antifragile mindset goes far beyond practicing resilience.

To excel as a leader in this era, you must purposefully cultivate a transformative mindset, both internally and in your interactions with the external world. As an individual and a leader, showing up in your extraordinary uniqueness is essential.

Mastermind Components

  • Monthly virtual mastermind sessions

  • Dr. Greene's 1:1 immersive program

  • Quarterly guest speakers

  • Private chat/slack channel

  • Accountability partners and plan

  • 4 day graduation retreat

  • Core Instincts quizzes (personal and leadership)

  • Ongoing support and mentorship

How Does It Work and How Do I Join?

It's simple...mastermind membership is by application and interview. There are 8 individuals in each cohort for the first year. Moving forward beyond year 1, you will join the larger group of catalysts and visionary leaders who have graduated from the Empowered Evolution Mastermind year 1 program.

To be considered for membership, simply complete the brief application.

Empowered Evolution Mastermind Leader



Known as "The Soul Whisperer" and "The Unblocker"

Kimble Greene is a bestselling author, transpersonal psychologist, life and leadership strategist, translational researcher, master mindset coach, and a trailblazer. She is a catalyst for individuals and leaders across the globe seeking healing, support, guidance, and scaled performance as they move through blocks and evolve from surviving to thriving.

In 2010, Kimble translated the philosophies and strategies she'd been using successfully for years into her internationally recognized approach for personal development and evolutionary leadership - Monarch Method.

With a PhD in Psychology and a translational research background in behavioral epigenetics, neuropsychology, and quantum physics, Kimble has 35+ years success as an leader, corporate consultant, entrepreneur, and executive coach.

You already are who you've been searching for!

I look forward to knowing you.

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