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Dr. Kimble Greene is a Master Catalyst, Author, Strategic Consultant and Trailblazer who has been guiding and inspiring people and organizations for over 33 years. With the launch of The Monarch Method™ in 2010, client success and goal achievement skyrocketed. Since that time, The Monarch Method™ has become a movement expanding into personal transformation and evolutionary leadership with Dr. Greene’s books and services in increasing demand.


For over 30 years, Dr. Kimble Greene has been teaching, guiding and inspiring people and organizations with her thought leadership, wisdom and humor. Kimble holds a PhD in Transpersonal Psychology and is an Author, Master Catalyst and Trailblazer.


Kimble’s early career as a leader in juvenile justice and youth services, from 1980 and 2008, focused on improving the quality of services, advocating for children’s rights and educating and training professionals who work with children and youth. In 1998, Kimble received an award from The Broward County Sheriff’s Office in Florida, for her work in juvenile justice and community collaboration.


After over 20 years in agency administration and leadership, Kimble established her private counseling practice in 2009 which led to the creation of The Sanctuary Center for Healing, a private holistic healing center. In 2011, she expanded The Sanctuary into the first holistic health collaborative in central Connecticut. At the same time, she founded WholePlanetHealth, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, that provides education, support and service referrals in holistic health.

In 2010, Kimble published her first book, ONE…Embracing Life and Illuminating Your Spirit!, which received national acclaim. Her self-developed approach and book series, The Monarch Method™, a life changing approach to personal transformation and evolutionary leadership, has been used since 2009 with great success.

Kimble can be reached at


Dr. Kimble Greene is the author of the #1 bestseller, You Are Not Broken Primer: The Ultimate ReSolution (2018). This short, easy-to-read guide is an introduction to The Monarch Method™, Kimble’s highly successful formula for personal transformation and evolutionary leadership. The Monarch Method™ book series includes: You Are Not Broken! with The Monarch Method™, The Monarch Method™ Personal Journal and, The Monarch Method™ Oracle Card Deck & Guidebook (2018).

Kimble if the founder & former CEO of central Connecticut’s first holistic health collaborative and she continues to promote the importance and value of holistic health – a mind, body, emotions and spirit approach to healing and growth.


For over 33 years, Kimble has been teaching, guiding and inspiring people and organizations with her thought leadership, wisdom and humor. Kimble holds a PhD in Transpersonal Psychology and is an Author, Speaker and Life & Leadership Strategist.


For Kimble, the development of The Monarch Method™ is the realization of a lifelong goal and it continues to heal hearts, transform lives and develop evolutionary leaders. The Monarch Method™ gives you the philosophies and strategies to solve problems and accomplish your goals, whether personal, professional or both. You are not broken! You have what it takes, you already possess the ability and knowing within. The Monarch Method™ is for everyday people with everyday challenges, from basic things life change and disorganization, to life's bigger struggles like depression, trauma and addictive behaviors. It is a straightforward, self-guided approach that eliminates the barriers to achieving and maintaining overall wellbeing and success.


Kimble works with individuals, groups and organizations for personal transformation and leadership development. The Monarch Method™ embodies both science and spirituality, utilizing progressive approaches and elevated perspectives to generate change and growth. Kimble provides you with the philosophies and tools to:


  • identify limiting subconscious beliefs and create new ones in order to transform all aspects of your life;

  • restore your physical wellbeing thereby re-establishing overall health;

  • strengthen your mental and intuitive faculties;

  • fortify your capacity for emotional intra and interconnection, thereby enhancing your social and emotional aptitude and relationships;

  • achieve your personal dreams and professional goals;

  • restore balance and harmony.


This is your playground for your journey of personal transformation and evolutionary leadership. Achieve and maintain overall wellbeing. Attain success in ALL areas of your life. Transform your life on your own terms. You Are powerful beyond measure!






Details for getting the most out of a speech featuring Dr. Kimble Greene…

To get the most out of your event, and to keep me from tripping over my own self not to mention your finely crafted agenda, I've put together this list of requirements and suggestions. I ask that the person responsible for the event actively confirm the feasibility of these items with me, keeping in mind I completely understand the limitations of various venues:

  1. Kimble uses a Surface laptop running PowerPoint software. She has her own computer and her own projector. Her presentation does not run on any other computer but hers.

  2. No sound out required. AC power should be within six feet of the computer.

  3. For any group more than 20 people, she needs a microphone.

  4. Kimble's laptop is controlled by a remote control that she brings with her. The laptop must be set up within sight and no more than 10 feet of the most distant point where Kimble will be standing.

  5. Kimble can't present her laptop to you the night before for setup and safekeeping, nor can she surrender it you the day of the event. It stays in her possession—all her work is there. However, Kimble is more than willing to work with your team on a tech check, preferably thirty minutes before she goes on stage.

  6. Kimble typically encourages Q&A throughout and at the end of her presentations. For Q&A at the end of the presentation, at least fifteen minutes is recommended.

  7. Groups that schedule a break right after Kimble's presentation are usually glad they did. You get that high-energy for people who want to say "hi" and you get conversation time as people consider what they just learned.

  8. If your booking involves an overnight stay, please provide Kimble with a list of very local hotels and B&B’s.

  9. Whenever possible, make the room at the event too small, not too big. This is often overlooked and it makes a huge difference. It's also a good idea to dispense with round tables and pack people in together—at least for the talk itself.

  10. Kimble request's that the entire event be recorded with both sound and video and that a copy be submitted to her within 24 hours of the event.

  11. Kimble's slides are not available for download, or for publishing as notes or a handout. In addition, unless you specifically work it out, you don't have the ability to resell or distribute Kimble's talk.

  12. If you'd like to interact with Kimble within 24 hours before the event, a phone call is most effective at 207.200.4695.


Suggested intro: Dr Kimble Greene is the author of the #1 Bestseller, You Are Not Broken: The Ultimate ReSolution as well as The Monarch Method series (pub. 2018) and the nationally acclaimed ONE: Embracing Life & illuminating your Spirit (pub. 2010). The Monarch Method is the new, exciting pathway to personal transformation and success. With it, Kimble continues to guide individuals and organizations to wellbeing and success. Dr Greene is an acclaimed author, strategist and transpersonalist whose career has spanned over 3 decades.

Rates:  please contact Kimble for event rates



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