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assessment area: mental


This area of the Core Instincts Quiz

involves your thought processes, brain activity and mental stimulation.

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Below is an excerpt from my first book, ONE...Embracing Life & Illuminating Your Spirit! (2010), which speaks to the essence of this assessment area....


Our brains are hardwired to assist us in our physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual survival under all circumstances – what a tremendous ability and gift!  It is unfortunate that our current educational, medical and mental health systems and services do not honor these coping and survival tools as the natural gifts they are, instead treating evidence of many such “mental” states as illness, disorder and other equally unacceptable and undesirable states of being.

In seeking to support the healing and wellness of our human/spiritual selves, it is imperative we begin to view and honor what have been previously categorized as mental “illnesses” as ...vital states of human and spiritual beingness and essential tools of mental and emotional re-ordering, protection, support and well seeking - traits which are as vital to our evolution, survival and well being as those traits deemed acceptable and desirable such as euphoria, creativity, drive, determination and joy. In embracing all of our traits, abilities and characteristics as necessary and timely, we simultaneously honor and nurture an equally significant aspect of our being - our Spiritual essence. While I do acknowledge that mental 'illnesses' do exist, the  basic mental and emotional struggles addressed in The Monarch Method fall into the category of 're-order', not 'dis-order'. Many of these basic mental and emotional struggles are and are manageable, I believe with the inner tools and wisdom we already possess.

We create 'dis'-orders as a means to cope with a particular situation or circumstance, typically those that are traumatizing. These attempts at mental and emotional 're'-ordering can also occur as a result of our spiritual disconnect from ourselves, and others. In this case, the nonsupporting mental/emotional state arises from the fear(s) we experience as a result of the lack of integration between mind/body/emotions/spirit. The wider the gap, the stronger the fear, and therefore the more significant the 'dis'-order, which only serves to perpetuate the gaps.  It becomes a cycle, or circle, of self-devaluation, and sometimes obliteration.


Interestingly, it is our amazing and 'gifted' ability to utilize coping mechanisms such as depression, schizophrenia, multiple personalities and psychosis, as well as other mental 'illnesses' in order to survive the often devastating effects of loss, trauma. In effect, we are not creating 'illness' or 'disorders', but are utilizing mental/emotional tools to 're'-order our world and cope with current circumstances. This coping state often leads to the development of subconscious core beliefs. Beliefs that are no longer supportive or effective when the set of circumstance for which they were developed no longer exist.

WELLOLOGY - an excerpt below from The Monarch Method manual...

Wellology is a concept I developed in 2010 as an antidote to the primary concept used in the current western mental health system, pathology – defined by Wikipedia as the “study and diagnosis of disease.” I believe that many of our basic mental and emotional struggles are tools (coping mechanisms and beliefs) used to re-establish order and harmony in our lives, rather than disease or disorder.

Wellology redefines some psychological disorders and basic emotional/mental illnesses as mechanisms for reordering your life. Each of these so-called 'dis'-eases actually serves an important purpose. When used and understood from a positive, multidimensional perspective, your mental and emotional processes are effective tools for survival as opposed to ineffective disorders or pathologies. The key is using and addressing the various tools within your psyche effectively.

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