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For People With Goals

The Monarch MethodTM
Evolutionary Leadership Program

A Beginning

Focus Question:

What inspired you to enroll in this program?

What is your primary concern and goal?

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Module 2 - Paradigm
Module 3 - Strategy
Module 4 - Power
Module 5 - Collective
Module 6 - Goals
Module 7 - Core Beliefs
Module 8 - Evolution
Module 9 - Leadership
Module 10 - Inner Circle
Module 11 - Outer Circle
Module 12 - Impact

Focus: Your journey of transformation will begin with an introduction to The Monarch Method followed by an overview of the key concepts in this approach. Please record all writings, answers, practices, etc. in uour personal journal. We will use your notes as a guide, this helps clarify your specific and unique needs and pathway forward.

Please view this presentation to The Monarch Method.

It will provide you with the foundation for this unique approach for personal and leadership development.

In your manual, complete cover through Chapter 1

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