The Monarch Method for Personal Transformation

Personal 1:1 Program

MODULE 8 - Optional Step of The Monarch Method


Please disregard when I refer to this as module 9 in the video. It is module 8 

Focus: This module is basically 'Your Life' in review. This step is optional. For some, taking a look into the past and reviewing significant aspects of your history is cathartic. For others, especially if you've done this in other settings, this step may either be overwhelming or unnecessary. Either way, this step is not required to move forward with the method and your process of discovery. You choose. If you decide not to follow through with the notations, please read through the beginning of the chapter anyway as it may provide additional insight.

Reading: Chapter 9

This week's question: 

What do you recall as being the most wonderful experience(s) in your life?

The most painful? Do you feel defined by or reliant on your story or your past?

You can write your answer to this week’s question in your Monarch Method Personal Journal..