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The Monarch MethodTM
Specialist Certification Program


Focus Question:

How will you know the difference between the outdated 'I Am' and future 'I Am's'?

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Getting the most out of The Monarch Method Oracle Cards.

Focus: With your client's concerns, goals, and history established you probably have a good idea of your client's outdated core belief. No doubt your discussion with your client have circled around a common 'theme' and you may have even identified it, keeping to yourself up to this point.

While drilling down to that old, conditional 'I Am...' statement is both validating and clarifying, it is vital not to move forward into the new core belief too quickly. That's why this is divided in to parts a and b.

It's Important to remind your client, this belief was created because IT WORKED for at that point and in those circumstances. It’s crucial to validate those (now undesirable) thoughts, feelings, and behaviors) as optimal and functional in those circumstances even though they seem/appear less than optimal and maybe even dysfunctional now.


We are wired to adapt. The problem is the wiring isn’t updated as we grow and our circumstances change. TMM simply updates the wiring (strategies, beliefs, neuropathways). Explore this with the client so they come to honor their early choices and genius adaptation skills.


It’s best not to change the belief right way as it is beneficial for the client to have a week or two to observe (and Not change) how often and in what relationships/circumstances they unconsciously aligns with their outdated belief via thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. This is the process of turning the subconscious into conscious (by observing without changing) and is crucial to assuring that the eventual transformation is comprehensive.


Each step (as in the manual) is scientifically designed to not only facilitate core change but to ensure sustainability.

It's important to use the cards so your client can visualize and viscerally 'feel' the statements, using those feelings to identify the #1 outdated belief. As you now know, from your own immersive experience along with the science, visualization is key to creating and sustaining change.

This is Step 3a of The Monarch Method.

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