Core Belief: I AM STRONG

Meaning:  Spirited, Resilient, Unwavering 


Upright – Your strength lies in your belief that you are strong. This card indicates you have balanced your strengths to work for you. You stand strong in your convictions and actions. Your resilience is unwavering. Your spirited approach to life inspires you as well as those around you. Keep on keeping on! 

  Your strength exists within your spirit, your core. You CAN!


My strength in mind, body,
 emotion, and spirit 
 are limitless.


Lisa’s Message:

Lion of Venice— You are strong, spirited, resilient, and unwavering . The winged lion shows strength in its pose as it stands sturdy on an ancient pillar . You are a pillar of strength . Discover that force from within. The wings allow you to fly and soar. Move on from what troubles you . The lion is looking towards the horizon . That is your future . There are good things to come . The background shows the ancient city of Venice surrounded by water . This represents your past woven into your future . Look for signs and messages to help you move forward . The burst of sunlight is your Divine light from within . The color orange represents your solar plexus chakra to remind you to take back your power . 

Please note: For the complete message and how to integrate with The Monarch Method, refer to the Oracle Card Guidebook (paperback)
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