Core Belief: I AM WELL  

Meaning:  Healthy, Glowing, Thriving  


Upright – Your well-being in mind, body, emotions, and spirit thrives. You have established wellness throughout your body because you believe in your capacity for healing and sustaining health. You are well and it shows – you glow!

 You have the power, the built-in  physiological intelligence to

     create well-  being, shifting from surviving to thriving. Well-being is

     an innate aspect of your core self.

My capacity for well-being is infinite.

Lisa’s Message:

The Toucan — You are well, healthy, glowing, and thriving . The tucan symbolizes happiness, power, and understanding. The flow of the water has healing and purifying powers . The waterfall represents the flow of life. Be fluid with your thoughts. It is also a message to take time and fill up your own personal well . Breathe in life’s energies and let it surge throughout your body, mind, and spirit . Breath is life’s gift from the Divine . The toucan lives in a lush green environment which helps remind you that being in the right environment makes you shine, heal, and grow . The color green (heart chakra) represents love, compassion, transformation, and forgiveness . The hint of the rainbow in the waterfall reminds you to follow your hearts desire and purpose . Your strong faith, trust, and vision will bring new blessings and prosperity .

Please note: For the complete message and how to integrate with The Monarch Method, refer to the Oracle Card Guidebook (paperback)