Core Belief: I AM ACCOMPLISHED    

Meaning:  Skilled, Experienced, Knowledgeable 


Upright – Your accomplishments are many because you believe in you. You use your experiences to learn; you apply your internal and external skills to all you do. You become what you want through knowledge. You continue to learn and grow from all life has 
 to offer.

You are here now because of your unique  ability to apply your

     knowledge and  experience to life. You have accomplished much

     from the Universe’s perspective.

My accomplishments are many
 when my vision is boundless.

Lisa’s Message:

The Brown Pelican — You are accomplished, skilled, experienced, and knowledgeable . The Pelican represents renewed buoyancy and unselfishness. Learn to rise above your struggles and feel yourself bounce to the surface . The water symbolizes emotions, clearing, and rebirth . The salt water is very healing . It is okay to feel your emotions, and crying helps clear away your troubles, heaviness, and anger you feel inside . The pelican perches alone but others are nearby to share in their catch . Know that you can accomplish anything . Surrounding yourself with the right people can help you soar . The color blue is for awareness and communication . Speaking your truth can be enlightening and uplifting . Say it from your heart and with love .

Please note: For the complete message and how to integrate with The Monarch Method, refer to the Oracle Card Guidebook (paperback)