Core Belief: I AM FORTUNATE 

Meaning:  Blessed, Lucky, Privileged 


Upright – Your good fortune arises from your belief that you are blessed, regardless of your circumstances. Luck befalls you because you believe in possibility. Fortune is all about perspective, and yours is full of blessings. You feel privileged to have the life you do. You make the most of every opportunity.

 You are blessed because the Universe loves  and supports you, even

      when you are not aware of it. You are surrounded with good  fortune.

      You will always be held in the nurturing arms of Source.

My good fortune is all around me.

Lisa’s Message:

The Wild Turkey — You are fortunate, blessed, lucky, and privileged . The turkey represents shared blessings and good fortune . The feathers symbolize trust, honor, wisdom, power, and freedom . Learn to honor yourself and others . Come together as a family and know that you are blessed . Be aware of how sounds affect your physical body . Learn to listen to your environment with your whole body . Be mindful of the vibration or energy we are putting out into the world from the core of who you are . Stand in your own power and you will bloom in the world . The red and brown colors remind us to stay grounded and balanced . Get outside and feel your connection to the earth’s energies . Breathe and believe .

Please note: For the complete message and how to integrate with The Monarch Method, refer to the Oracle Card Guidebook (paperback)