Core Belief: I AM POWERFUL

Meaning: Prevailing, Irrepressible, Dynamic


Upright – Your personal power is a prevailing force in your life. You rely on this power to support and inform you in many areas, from career choices to personal relationships. Your will power is a catalyst for your personal and professional success. You are dynamic and irrepressible.

Shifting from external control to internal power creates energy, success,           and balance.

My power is a constant inner
force propelling me 
 toward success.


Lisa’s Message:

The Dragon— You are powerful, prevailing, irrepressible, and dynamic . The dragon helps you work through your challenges and is here to protect you . Notice that the dragon is soaring up through a ring of fire to remind you that you can accomplish and achieve anything you wish . Your strength comes from the burning desires from within . Ignite those desires and passions . Remember to ground yourself so you will remain steady as you move forward . This winged creature is surrounded by all of the seven chakra colors . The red, orange, and yellow flames represent your root, solar plexus and power chakras . When you are in alignment, you can stand in your own true essence and power . The blue color border brings in soothing, calming, and healing energies .

Please note: For the complete message and how to integrate with The Monarch Method, refer to the Oracle Card Guidebook (paperback)