Core Belief: I AM FREE 

Meaning:   Unrestricted, Open, Boundless 


Upright –    Your freedom is the wind beneath your wings. Your belief in the boundless nature of your mind, body, emotions, and spirit gives you access to the riches of the Universe - knowledge, wisdom, and love. You have broken free of physical world restrictions, liberating your soul and bathing in self expression and authenticity. 

 Freedom is not about what you are permitted to do – freedom is

     about self-  expression. You are free to be anything you choose.

     How you show up is up to you.

Freedom is the authentic
 expression of my soul.

Lisa’s Message:

The Golden Eagle —You are free, unrestricted, open, and boundless . The Eagle symbolizes power, healing, creation, and a spiritual connection . This majestic bird is a messenger from heaven and is the essence and spirit of the sun. The Eagle is flying free in the sky, reminiscent of unlimited space . Soar above it all . Take time to step out of yourself to get a better perspective . Combined, the night and day light sky reminds you to take notice when an eagle appears in your dreams or in your waking hours . They have symbolic messages that help you move forward within your life . The violet color represents spirituality and your crown chakra . Feel a deeper connection with the Divine and know that you are safe . The blue colors bring peace, joy, intuition, inspiration, faith, and awareness . Have faith in yourself and embrace the freedom to soar .

Please note: For the complete message and how to integrate with The Monarch Method, refer to the Oracle Card Guidebook (paperback)