Core Belief: I AM CONNECTED 

Meaning:  Kindred, United, One 


Upright –  Your connection to all-that-is arises from your strong sense of uniqueness and your kinship with everything. Everything is connected, and you have mastered the energy of One in defining you, within and among the whole.

 Your sense of aloneness is an imbalanced  perspective - you are

      part of everything, of  the Cosmos. Welcome, Precious One. We

      have been waiting for you.

I am One with everything
 and one unto myself.

Lisa’s Message:

The Phoenix — You are connected, kindred, united, and one . The Phoenix is a mythical creature representing transformation, longevity, and renewal. This Phoenix rises up out of flames symbolizing the power and strength you have from within . This great bird encompasses planet earth and the universe, sharing that we are all connected . The tree reminds you to get outside in nature and ground yourself to the planet, mother earth . Heal yourself and heal the planet . The prominent color of red which is the root chakra symbolizes power, survival, courage, and grounding . Trust and believe in yourself . Let love win over fear . The orange color, which is the sacral chakra, represents creativity, emotions, and compassion for yourself and other . 

Please note: For the complete message and how to integrate with The Monarch Method, refer to the Oracle Card Guidebook (paperback)