Core Belief: I AM GIFTED 

Meaning:  Endowed, Remarkable, Incredible 


Upright –   Your giftedness is inherent in your humanness. Faith propels you forward, endowing the world with the gift of you. You are able to offer the world your gifts – those unique abilities you brought into this life to share – because you know you are remarkable, a gift from above.


 Giftedness is not about your skills,  accomplishments or abilities.

     The gift is you  and everything already present within you. 

My presence is a gift.

Lisa’s Message:

The Long-eared Bat — You are gifted, endowed, remarkable, and incredible . The Long-eared Bat symbolizes change and transformation . Bats remind you to face your fears and prepare you for change . Look at your transformation as a rebirth and coming out of the darkness and into light . The blue nautilus shell in the background symbolizes spiritual growth . The spiral represents constant change . You are changing everyday . Embrace each day with a new sense of wonder and awe . Notice the green color representing your heart chakra . Be gentle, kind, and loving with yourself as you make changes . Place your hands over your heart center and breathe in–and–out . . . you are loved .

Please note: For the complete message and how to integrate with The Monarch Method, refer to the Oracle Card Guidebook (paperback)