Core Belief: I AM LOYAL   

Meaning:  Dependable, Faithful, Reliable 


Upright –  Your loyalty is a defining characteristic. Because you believe in yourself, dependability comes naturally. Your faithful nature draws others to you like a magnet. You are loyal because of your belief in the higher nature of every human being.

  Rely on your core essence to create  alignment with all that is.

      You matter on a  grand scale – your life matters 

My loyalty is a reflection of my
 belief in who I really am.

Lisa’s Message:

The Bumble Bee — You are loyal, dependable, faithful, and reliable . The Bumble Bee represents fertility and the honey of life . The bee reminds us that you can work hard, but remember to take some time for yourself . Learn to take pleasure in the sweetness of life . The bee reminds us to have faith and pursue your dreams . The violet color of the flowers symbolizes good judgment, peace of mind, balance, trust, and spirituality . Violet is associated with the crown chakra . The honeycomb that surrounds the edges shows the fruits of their labor . The honeycomb represents the sun and all its energies . Dedicate some time for yourself and have faith that everything will work out perfectly .

Please note: For the complete message and how to integrate with The Monarch Method, refer to the Oracle Card Guidebook (paperback)