Core Belief: I AM TRUSTWORTHY    

Meaning:   Honest, Truthful, Authentic  


Upright –  Your trustworthiness is a natural extension of your authenticity. You are honest about who you really are. You are uncomfortable with dishonesty, and it’s hard for you to lie. Yet you can be trusted to deal with others’ dishonesty with integrity and clarity.

  Your fear is misused energy – you are already enough. Your essence         is what the world desires.

I am trustworthy because
 I live my truth

Lisa’s Message:

The Mermaid Goddess — You are trustworthy, honest, truthful, and authentic . This Mermaid Goddess is from the lost land of Atlantis, a peaceful place that existed under the sea that vibrates at a higher energy . Mermaids are magical, spiritual helpers who have the ability to help us connect to our sacred self and to our spiritual calling . You have healing gifts, insights, and knowledge . Learn to trust and utilize those treasures . To become stronger and more authentic, spend time in or by the ocean, a lake, pond, or stream . Take time to feel the connection to the flow and healing energies of the water . The violet color is your crown chakra, offering inspiration, wisdom, spirituality, and enlightenment . Allow and trust your authentic self to shine . The color blue symbolizes communication, awareness, and healing . Learn to speak your truth with love and honesty .

Please note: For the complete message and how to integrate with The Monarch Method, refer to the Oracle Card Guidebook (paperback)