Core Belief: I AM ACCEPTING 

Meaning:   Open-minded, Tolerant, Understanding 


Upright –   Your acceptance of life’s ups and downs has been hard won. You have come to understand that acceptance doesn’t mean condoning or liking. It simply means to observe and accept as part of life. Your open minded approach creates a bridge for you in challenging times, allowing you to access the silver lining. Your non-judgment of others is as much a gift to you as them.

 Acceptance simply allows you to see from  many angles, all of which

      are part of the  flow of life.

 I accept all opportunities
  for learning and growth.

Lisa’s Message:

The Wood Duck — You are accepting, open minded, tolerant, and understanding The wood duck represents emotion, comfort, and protection . Duck energies can help you handle your own emotions with grace and comfort . The simple art of letting go and allowing things to flow can be healing and uplifting . The bridge reminds you to have an open mind for changes that occur in your life . Discovering new paths and opportunities will help lead you to a more balanced and happier life. The water reflections help you understand that embracing who you really are is a treasured gift . The blue/green colors symbolize communication, love, and healing . Open your heart center and know that you are always loved . The sparkling on the water help remind you that angels are always nearby to help you navigate through your life . 

Please note: For the complete message and how to integrate with The Monarch Method, refer to the Oracle Card Guidebook (paperback)