Core Belief: I AM LIMITLESS 

Meaning:  Abundant, Infinite, Unstoppable  


Upright –  Your belief in the limitless nature of your being propels you forward in all things. You are unstoppable when you believe. You create abundance in all aspects of your life. You believe in infinite possibilities, using well your capacities for intuition and wisdom.

 You are so much more than your physical  body and mind. You are

      part of everything;  you have access to all that is.

 I am limitless - 
 I am part of everything.

Lisa’s Message:

The Unicorn — You are limitless, abundant, infinite, and unstoppable.

The unicorn brings the treasured gifts of all possibilities; spiritual insight, wisdom, and the magic of dreams . Learn to manifest and harness your dreams and desires . You are invincible! This winged unicorn is standing upright on the rocks to show strength and power . The limitlessness of the universe surrounding the Unicorn, reminds you to call upon the universe, and your spiritual guides, for assistance, support, and guidance . Know that you are part of this vast world and that we are all connected . Learn to believe and trust in yourself. Your shining spirit is infinite. The purple and blue colors represent spirituality, awareness, and communication . Healing energies are all around you . Just breathe and believe . 

Please note: For the complete message and how to integrate with The Monarch Method, refer to the Oracle Card Guidebook (paperback)