Core Belief: I AM GRACIOUS 

Meaning:   Giving, Generous, Humble


Upright –  Your graciousness overflows. Your giving nature fulfills you as well as those around you. Your inner well is so full, you have plenty to share and share you do. You are generous in mind, body, heart, and spirit. Your generosity comes back to you a hundredfold because you do it without expectation.

You are boundless. There is always more; there is enough for all. Your

     heart is bigger than you realize. With an open heart, you can see the

     abundance of love and kindness in yourself and the world.

Generosity of Spirit is 
 the greatest gift of all.

Lisa’s Message:

The Winged Wolf — You are gracious, giving, generous, and humble . The winged wolf represents guardianship, loyalty, and spirit . The wolf teaches us that family is important and to surround yourself with family and friends that truly accept you for who you are . Find a deeper connection with your intuition and instincts . The wolf is standing tall and confident, reminding you to develop a deeper connection with yourself and help you feel more self-assured, honest, and humble . The moonlit sky in the background represents the cycle of life . Life is a journey and we are growing and awakening everyday . The well in the background reminds you to fill your inner well first and then share and care for others. Notice the crystals scattered around, bringing us their healing gifts and insight . The lush green background reminds you that being in the right environment allows you to shine, heal, and grow . Breathe into your heart chakra, sending it love and light . 

Please note: For the complete message and how to integrate with The Monarch Method, refer to the Oracle Card Guidebook (paperback)