Core Belief: I AM CONFIDENT 

Meaning:  Self-assured, Buoyant, Determined 


Upright –   Your confidence oozes out of every pore. You get it done because you believe in you. Your self-assurance guides you forward through thick and thin. You are unwavering in your constancy. Your determination takes you many places, far and wide.

❤ You can because you believe you can. You can’t because you think

     you can’t. Either  way makes you right. Believe you can, and  you will.

I am confident in all that I am. 

Lisa’s Message:

The Indian Peacock — You are confident, self assured, buoyant, and determined . The peacock standing tall is confident and wise. The blue and green luminous coloring of the feathers is often connected with royalty . The eye inside the feathering suggests an association with wisdom and insight . Take notice of the beauty, strength, and honesty you possess . It is time show your true colors and shine . Blues and greens represent spirituality, awareness, communication, love and healing . The white glow around the peacock suggests that you have a Divine light and presence all around you . Open yourself up to Divine guidance and know that you are always safe, protected, and loved .

Please note: For the complete message and how to integrate with The Monarch Method, refer to the Oracle Card Guidebook (paperback)