Core Belief: I AM GRATEFUL  

Meaning:   Appreciative, Thankful, Honored 


Upright –  Your gratitude is evident in all that you give and receive. You appreciate others, opportunities and life. There isn’t much you take for granted Because you’re thankful, life is very giving to you. All of life is your blessing.

As you shift your core beliefs and your light shines brightly, you will

     be able to see from a new perspective. Gratitude brings good things

     to you. 

 I am grateful for 
 all life has to offer. 

Lisa’s Message:

The Monarch Butterfly — You are grateful, appreciative, thankful, and honored . The monarch butterfly represents transformation, playfulness, and the dance of joy. This butterfly has appeared in your life, what “signs” is it showing you? Are you confronting or struggling with important issues? Envision the outcome you would like and then figure out what direction best suits you to achieve that outcome . Always be appreciative and grateful for the gifts or messages you are receiving . Life is a constant change, you are evolving and growing every minute. The butterflies are dancing on the flowers and within the light. Reminding us to lighten up and start enjoying the sweetness in our lives . Life is a dance, learn as you move forward . The violet color is your crown chakra, offering inspiration, wisdom, spirituality and enlightenment . Allow and trust your authentic self to shine . 

Please note: For the complete message and how to integrate with The Monarch Method, refer to the Oracle Card Guidebook (paperback)