Core Belief: I AM LOVABLE 

Meaning:  Endearing, Cherished, Engaging  


Upright –  Your endearing nature is irresistible. You understand you are a being of light, an extension of the love that is the very fabric of this Universe. You believe you have a right to love and affection, no matter your circumstances. Your self-love brings the love of others to you. You are comfortable in your own skin and love without fear. 

 You are lovable from conception to ascension, without exception.

I am the essence of love, I am love.


Lisa’s Message:

The Cherub — You are lovable, endearing, cherished, and engaging . The cherub symbolizes beauty, innocence, joy, and love . Be open to love and know that you are deserving . It’s time to weave some playfulness into your life . As you play and add joy into your life, you become lighter and happier . Know that you are a gift from the Divine . The dove symbolizes feminine energies, peace, and the songs of life . You are awakening to the promise of life and love . Clouds and feather wisps show that angels and spirits surround and protect you . The violet color symbolizes spiritually; your connection to source and your third eye chakra . The color blue is your throat chakra which represents awareness and communication . Honor own your truth and speak from the heart .

Please note: For the complete message and how to integrate with The Monarch Method, refer to the Oracle Card Guidebook (paperback)