Core Belief: I AM SPECIAL  

Meaning:  Unique, Exceptional, Distinct   


Upright – You are special, and you know it! Your unique nature grounds you. There has never been anyone like you before, and there never will be again. You use your distinctive style and presence to support yourself, others, and the collective Universe. Your light shines from within.

 While every living thing is ultimately connected, you are also unique,

     distinct in your individuality. Like a snowflake or droplet of water, there

     are no two alike, yet each is as special and important as the other.

My specialness is embedded 
 in my being; it is part 
 of who I Am.

Lisa’s Message:

The Blue-footed Booby — You are special, unique, exceptional, and distinct . The blue-footed booby’s takes pride in their beautiful distinct and unique blue feet . The males like to strut their stuff during mating season . They have a keen sense of knowingness . They can adapt with ease from water and onto land . Take notice of what is going on around you and your surroundings and make sure you’re not giving away your power . Stand strong and tall and be proud of your uniqueness . The colors blue and green symbolize communication, love, and healing . The sparkling on the water represents the light that shimmers within and all around you .

Please note: For the complete message and how to integrate with The Monarch Method, refer to the Oracle Card Guidebook (paperback)