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You Are More Powerful Than You Realize!

What if I told you that most emotional imbalances are not disorders and that ongoing struggles do not necessarily point to mental illness. The truth is that the broad range of basic emotional and mental experiences we have, including so-called disorders – are normal and essential to our growth.

You are wired for well-being.

Having spent over 30 years working in various aspects of the mental health system, I’ve seen people of all ages and walks of life struggle with unwanted and unsupportive thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Not only was the system ineffectively addressing these things, but they seemed like things there should be a simple solution to. Additionally, when I reached out for help with my own life struggles, the answers and solutions were limited, inaccessible, unaffordable and ineffective long-term. Out of my own and my client’s frustration with a broken system, I decided to create a solution.

Wellology is a concept I developed in 2010 as an antidote to the primary concept used in the current western mental health system, pathology – defined by Wikipedia as the “study and diagnosis of disease.” I don’t believe our basic mental and emotional health issues are diseases or disorders, but rather tools used to reestablish order and harmony in our lives. Wellology redefines basic psychological disorders and emotional/mental illnesses as mechanisms for reordering your life. Each of these so-called disorders actually serves an important purpose. When used and understood from a positive, multidimensional perspective, all of your basic mental and emotional processes are effective tools for survival, as opposed to ineffective disorders or pathologies. The key is using the tools within your psyche effectively. Eventually, my Wellology theory turned into The Monarch Method™

Resolving issues, finding solutions to your problems and moving forward in your life begins with shifting your core beliefs. Personal transformation is at your fingertips with The Monarch Method™. It gives you the strategies to identify and shift basic mental and emotional struggles – from decisions to relationships, in person and professional matters, with unwanted feelings, thoughts, behaviors and more.

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