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You Can Do This!

Chances are you have the brains to figure out a lot of things. So, why are you plagued with the same old struggles or relentless unwanted thoughts and feelings? You are not the problem; your IQ is just fine, and it is not hopeless. Change your strategy, use the tools and capacities already within you. Instead of trying to figure it out, feel it out!

Your best decisions and choices come from you heart, not your head.

How many times have you sensed in your gut or your heart something that hasn’t happened yet or the perfect solution to a problem? Without any hint or concrete evidence of something, you simply knew what was going to happen or what choices to make: the phone rang, and you knew who was on the other end; you took an unusual route to work without knowing why and it turned out you avoided a traffic accident; you opted out of an event only to discover afterwards a disaster took place, and many more examples. You are smarter and wiser than you realize.

Success is directly related to your IQ – that’s what we’ve been taught. What is an IQ anyway? An intelligence quotient (IQ) is a total score derived from several government standardized tests designed to assess human intelligence. The higher your IQ, the smarter you are, so say the experts. Needless to say, the limitations of this definition are monumental.

What we are not so commonly taught is that our emotional intelligence quotient (EIQ) is the highest form of knowledge and wisdom, not your IQ. And, we are all born with very high emotional intelligence. Figuring or thinking (IQ and brain) your way out of something is not as effective as feeling and intuiting (EIQ and heart) your way out. Lead with your heart, not your head and use your intuition before your cognition. Your heart is a wiser guide than you head.

Transform On Your Own Terms!

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