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Are You 2 or 4 Dimensional?

For many years, even decades, we have been inundated with concepts and tools to achieve goals such as: optimal health, emotional intelligence, personal leadership, professional success, financial abundance, mental health, social competency, stress reduction, relationship enrichment, physical enhancement, and much more.

The reason there are so many resources out there is that the results are all too often temporary and two-dimensional – mind and body. The underlying reason for personal and professional dissatisfaction, failure to realize dreams, falling short of achieving goals, and epidemic ill health is the disproportionate focus on the physical and mental aspects of our efforts and our selves. Human beings are not two-dimensional, they are four-dimensional; mind, body, emotions and spirit.

You are a multi-dimensional being.

External manipulation and outside-in tactics (prescriptions/pharmaceuticals, diets, quick-fixes, more money, promotions, new relationships, etc.) do not independently create sustainable overall health and wellbeing. Internal or inner personal growth and inside-out approaches (personal empowerment, self-discovery, validating perspectives, leading with your heart, etc.) elicit wellbeing, health, growth, creativity, inspiration and sustainable success. People experience inner and outer transformation, optimal health and wellbeing, success, and true vitality from the inside-out, not the outside-in.

The problems that continue to plague you are not necessarily due to the failure of the products, therapies, concepts and programs available. As a matter of fact, most of these resources are potentially very effective. Nor are they a result of your lack of effort and intelligence. you are capable and powerful. It is the underlying inner barriers or obsolete core beliefs that prevent you from effectively getting to and sustaining health, wellbeing, personal and professional success.

It's a matter of strategy. Find the strategy that supports you in solving problems and achieving your goals by transforming your hidden core beliefs.

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