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Do you wonder why whom we judge to be less deserving folks appear to have so much? And, why so many good people seem have so little? That’s because the Universe doesn’t collaborate to give you what you think you deserve - it gives you what you expect.

You are powerful beyond measure.

Expectation is so much more than a word - It’s a state of being, a lifestyle, successes & failures, abundance & lack, and so much more. At your core, you are deserving. As an extension of Source you have access to infinite abundance of everything. Tap into your core essence, let go of self-judgment, step outside your fears and so much more of what you desire will come to you.

And as for those other folks, both the more and less deserving, trust that they are also on their path and being guided by a higher power. When you spend less energy on what’s going on with others personal journey, you have more for your own pathway to success!

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