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Great Love

Take a moment and think about how acceptable relationships have been defined by your culture for generations. Without even realizing it, we allow ourselves to feel pressured by social and culturally-created expectations of what a relationship, marriage or partnership is “supposed” to look or be like.

The most important step in attracting the right partner or relationship begins with you – what you believe is right for you in terms of a relationship and, most vital, how you relate to and honor Your Self.

You are love.

All of your relationships become an extension or reflection of what you bring to the table. If your well of self-love and self-value is depleted, then that depletion will be reflected in your relationship(s). So, start with your own self-healing, growth, love, honor and acceptance. Fill your inner well by loving your Self as much as Source loves and honors you.

When you no longer rely on your relationship(s) to reflect or mirror your needs and desires, when you are able to fulfill those needs from within, when you bring a fully self-loving, self-honoring individual to the table, you will find that all of your relationships, and indeed everything in your life, will become more balanced, whole and gratifying. It is within relationships - with your Self, others and beyond - that you cultivate and convey love and Oneness. It is through authentic communication that you deliver this message.

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