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You're the Boss

How often have you wanted to say, “You’re not the boss of me!” And you’d be right. Ultimately, you’re always the boss of you. Several years ago my world imploded – relationships, job, finances, home, health and then my self-value. It took some time for all those things to re-new and re-balance and, for the most part, they have. The exception being my self-perception. Following those shake-ups in my life, I recently realize I’ve been waiting for those missing aspects of myself that I so admired prior to the implosion to return – confidence, perseverance and most of all strength.

I kept saying to myself, “I want to be who I was. I liked those things about myself, they sustained me and my success.” My latest ‘ah-ha’ moment was a real awakening – focusing on resurrecting the past has been wasted energy and time. Instead of lamenting the parts of my I thought I’d lost, I needed to step into who I was becoming. And, those aspects I so admire – confidence, perseverance and strength – aren’t missing, they are simply being reinvented as I heal and evolve.

The feeling that without them I was no longer powerful, or even capable, was an illusion. Now I know they never left, in fact they are present in more powerful ways than ever as I continue to change and grow. The same goes for you. Remember that you are your own boss and those inner aspects you so value remain with you.

Love & Spirit, Kimble

P.S. If you are feeling like a part of you is missing, have faith and know that what seems to be missing is really just hidden away, eager to be resurrected.

Whether you work with me currently or are someone I have yet to connect with, know that you are more powerful than you realize and that the YOU you wish to become is already waiting within!

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