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Seeds of Influence

This quote came across my desk recently and spoke to my heart immediately. Though I am one of those rare people who embraces change, it often feels like my ‘insides are coming out’! I’ve learned over the years, to look past the fear and embrace the silver lining, the light that shines brightly on the new pathway forward.

When we constantly tap into our own fear (or the fear of others) with our thoughts, feelings or actions, we create a vacuum – a one-way tunnel that sucks the energy and power right out of you, including the space and people around you. Though fear can serve a purpose, all too often it runs the show, dominating your thoughts, feelings and actions.

The key is in adopting strategies and practices that empower you to shift your perspective away from the fear (which is most often in your head) and into the very core of your heart, where your belief and intuition reside. If you find yourself immersed in fear more often than you would like, no need to judge or shame yourself – it’s the way society raises us, it’s embedded in so much of what we are taught and exposed to. You can move forward by redirecting your focus away from the fear and toward that which you most desire.

Patterns of thought and action can feel bigger than they actually are. You are more powerful than you realize, you have the ability to change your thoughts, feeling and actions by changing your inner patterns and core beliefs. The process is straightforward and can happen very quickly with strategies designed for you.

Love & Spirit, Kimble

P.S. Do you want to change unsupportive thoughts, feelings and behaviors connected to your fears? I have been a Transpersonal Counselor for over 30 years and now, with The Monarch Method™, those changes you desire begin to happen right away. Starting in May, I’m offering One-to-One packages and a 3-day retreat in August to jump start your journey. Join me and experience the transformation you’ve long awaited!

Women are powerful and even more so when we connect! Join me in August for a Mini Monarch Retreat Weekend for an exclusive group of 6 women – save your spot today! I'd love to connect.

Here's my calendar link to make finding time for us to talk on the phone easy!

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