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I Dare You...

I dare you to rise to the task of loving yourself through what you see as your shortcomings. I dare you to embrace the opportunities hidden amongst the struggles – because it’s the struggle that creates that strength. I dare you to love who you are at your core despite what you see as your failures – because they’re not really failures, simply disguised pathways toward success. I dare you to love yourself even when it seems like no one else possibly could – because they do anyway.

I dare you to see beyond the bricks that the world throws at you - dig deep into your soul, revealing the power and perseverance that lives on within you. I dare you to be vulnerable with the ones you love – because they need it, you need it and the relationship needs it (whether you can understand that or not). I dare you to stand up to the bullies in your life with compassion and gentle power – because compassionate power is so much more influential than control and anger. I dare you to look past the offensive behavior of your enemies, deep into the soul of the human being that feels abandoned and afraid – because in the end, everyone wants to be loved.

I dare you to remove the lenses of fear and lack and limitation through which you so often see the world around you - replace them with the eyes of kindness, strength and faith. I dare you to trust that you are enough – now and always. I dare you to speak your truth and show up authentically - doing so with integrity and kindheartedness.

On this day and every day moving forward, I dare you to be you, loving who you are - and at the end of each day gently letting go of self-judgement and remembering you are important and cherished.

Love & Spirit, Kimble

P.S. Want support with your dares and challenges? Having been in my own way many times, I’ve taken the lessons I’ve learned and turned them into the teachings that continue to change lives!

I'd love to connect. Here's my calendar link to make finding time for us to talk on the phone easy.

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