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A New Pathway

In this week’s Monday Mindset, I introduced Portia Nelsons’ 'Autobiography in 5 Chapters', leaving Chapter 5 blank as I was curious to hear your personal version. Thank you all for your input! Here it is again with the original Chapter 5:

Let’s break this down in terms of strategies. To begin with think of the streets as pathways – your neuropathways. Your pathways are the biological framework for your beliefs. Beliefs are the blueprints for how we experience ourselves and life. They organically generate all thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Most of our beliefs are established subconsciously in the first decade of life. They are designed to optimize mental, emotional, and physical survival. I call these your ‘core beliefs’ and they subconsciously comprise over 90% of who you are at any given moment.

They are designed to facilitate survival in the specific circumstances of your life at the time they are created and in relation to your developmental age. The problem arises when, like tapes running in the background, they continue to catalyze your thoughts, feelings, and actions long after you have moved on from that period of your life.

Because these beliefs (associated with your neuropathways) are subconscious, we do not know they are driving our perceptions, experiences, patterns, and behavior. That’s why the first 4 chapters of the poem sound familiar – you are using the same streets/subconscious core beliefs to create change when those neuropathways are designed to operate in the same manner and under the same circumstances they were established. In other words, there were designed for a different time, place, and set of circumstances. Not to mention your subconscious beliefs make up over 90% of who you are, running up against less than 10% of your conscious efforts at change.

The solution or strategy is to update your outdated core beliefs by remapping your pathways. This is what makes Chapter 5 – I walk down a different street – so relevant. It implies you’ve chosen/created a different street/pathway/subconscious belief to generate the change you desire resulting in more effectively facilitating moving forward in a new direction with clarity, flow, and empowerment.

This summarizes my approach to clearing your past, claiming your present, and transforming your future. My unique combination of neuroscience, epigenetics, and quantum physics provides the philosophies (The Catalyst Factor) and strategies (The Monarch Method) to rewriting your story with the ending you envision.

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