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Does The Truth Really Set You Free?

Yes and No. Other people’s truths won’t set you free. The only truth that liberates you is your own. Whether you speak your truths to a crowd of thousands or to the face of one in your mirror, it’s the acknowledgement of your personal, deep truths that will set you free.

There’s lots of talk these days about the importance of being authentic. What does that really mean? It’s means when you put words to the things inside that need expressing, you will release your soul from the chains of illusion.

Our souls yearn for expression, to clear away the heap of unwanted thoughts, experiences and feelings buried deep within. When you remove the emotional clutter, you simultaneously create space for the unique expression of who you really are – a being of wisdom, gifts, love and light.

Does that mean we hurl angry words and insults at those who we feel have wronged us somehow? Not so much. It means you sort through the thoughts and feelings that are a mask for the truth versus those that make you vulnerable, genuine and human. Once you’ve unearthed what’s lying beneath your mask(s), with grace, choose your words wisely and release your soul from burden.

So, go forth brave one and, with baby steps, uncover and share the truth of who you are, what wounds you, what exalts you and everything in between. Wear Your Grace and you will know Real Power!

With Grace, Kimble

P.S. Being vulnerable and speaking your truth is hard! I can help you make the transition into authentic power. Here's my calendar link to make finding time for us to connect easy.

P.P.S. Interested in learning more about how you operate at your core? Here's a link to my FREE Core Instincts Quiz

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