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There are many kinds of freedom, not the least of which is the freedom each person in this great nation maintains because of the men and women in our armed forces who continue to give so much. For this I am grateful.

There is another kind of freedom - that of the liberated spirit. Without the freedom we give ourselves to be exactly who we are at our core, we’d be a sterilized version of ourselves. This freedom begins at the very center of your being and encompasses emotional, mental, physical and spiritual independence. Authentic self expression makes you who you are, guides you toward who you’re meant to become, and lights the pathway toward how you show up in the world.

Without these self-imposed freedoms we’d be in a prison of our own making, invisible perhaps but confining nonetheless.

Love & Spirit, Kimble

P.S. Do you yearn for the freedom to be who you really are? In 3 simple steps, The Monarch Method™ identifies and shifts what’s blocking you so that you can move forward in your life.

I'd love to connect. Here's my calendar link to make finding time for us to talk on the phone easy.

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