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I Am Woman...Hear Me Roar!

Loving readers’ questions! Here’s another…

Dear Dr. Kimble, As a wife and mother, I find it almost impossible to honor myself and still be successful professionally, take care of my family and home, manage financial matters and so on. Somewhere along the way I’ve lost myself. How do I balance doing it all and wearing so many hats, while still being true to myself and my womanhood?

Between a rock and a hard place, Sara

Dearest Sara,

As women we have a tendency, and sometimes feel required, to take on the world and then wonder how we got so lost along the way. You are not lost! You are feeling so buried under responsibilities and expectations (your own and others), that your fire and passion have been diminished. Fear not, you're in there, your light has not gone out.

First, not only is the human spirit indomitable, the courageous and enduring spirit of woman is all but invincible. Throughout history, women have exhibited a strength, capability and determination beyond the explainable. There is a knowing, deep within our intuitive and collective souls, we are powerful beyond measure and that ultimately, WE CAN!

Second, it is essential you make your own rules, setting expectations for yourself that align with YOU. Expectations that resonate deep within you, beginning with what you feel is necessary and culminating with what you desire and dream within every role and aspect of your life. It’s vital you understand that this is not in any way selfish – it is self honoring. It is only when you are in alignment, when your energy and vitality are in balance, that you’re able to give your best to all the roles you choose to fill. A great visual is of the airline steward instructing how important it is for you to put your oxygen mask on first SO THAT you’re able to assist others. This example applies to everything in your life – self-care must come first in order for you to live your best life.

Love & Spirit, Kimble

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