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Love and Loss

Maybe it’s just me, but it seems as if tragedy, disasters, suffering and death are visible everywhere – the media, movies, television, news and so on. And, these misfortunes also seem to be a widespread topic of conversation. Is it because we (humans) have a morbid fascination with calamity or is it because human and global suffering are more evident than ever?

Either way, it’s in our faces and the sadness and heartache associated with these events is hard to put aside. A few weeks ago, my childhood best friend died suddenly. Only 54 years old - a mom, wife, daughter, sister and friend - the loss hit me hard. It’s difficult for me to even imagine how hard hit her loved ones were. And, there are so many out there with similarly devastating losses. So, what do we do with our heavy hearts and grieving souls?

While pushing the sadness away and shutting off the unwanted feelings seems practical – it’s not. What’s best for us – our whole selves – is to stare it in the face. Meet the anguish where it lives within you, thank it for its reminder that you are human after all (complete with a full range of necessary emotions), and when you're ready leave the crippling sadness in the rear view as you move forward with your journey. Carry with you the love, appreciation and memories that nurture you with an eye on the hope and optimism the future beholds.

That doesn’t mean forget the loved ones we miss so dearly or become unfeeling to the millions of others suffering. It means the intensity of the emotional pain must eventually fade as we fill the inner and outer voids with new love, beauty and grace.

Love & Spirit, Kimble

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