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Raising the Vibration

It’s hard not to be astounded by the violence, the war of words and the mongering of fear fed to us when tuning into the TV, social media or internet. It runs the risk of hearing stories so heart wrenching that in addition to deep sadness it brings about a sense of helplessness for those of us observing these acts from a distance. After much reflection I realize we are not helpless, in fact we are more powerful than we realize.

The manifestation of this kind of anger begins with the seedling of fear deep in one’s core – fear of rejection, withdrawal of love, lack of acceptance, not believing we’re enough, self-doubt and so on. When left unattended these fears grow, becoming the unkind things we say and do to ourselves and others. The good news you have the power within you to shift from fear to love, raising the vibration of power deep in your core so that it resonates all over the world - to survivors, perpetrators and every living thing in need of your grace. You are powerful!

Love & Spirit, Kimble

P.S. Interested in raising your vibration? As a metaphysician and transpersonal counselor, I can help you tap into your real power!

I'd love to connect. Here's my calendar link to make finding time for us to talk on the phone easy.

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