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The 3 Things...

Recently, a client asked me where I learned all the lessons and wisdom I impart to others. My first thought was, ‘What wisdom? These are just hard-learned lessons over the course of my lifetime.” Then I realized that’s exactly what wisdom is – integrating all your life lessons (positive and not-so-positive) into an inner map for living with grace and power.

Nevertheless, there are 3 things I wish I had learned years ago:

1. You are so much more powerful, wise and capable than you realize;

2. You have within you the answers and keys to create the life you desire;

3. The circumstances throughout your life – all of them, including the life into which you were born – are designed to manifest the gifts and purpose you bring to this world.

Would knowing those 3 things have made a difference in choosing the pathways laid out before me, in the decisions I made? It’s hard to know but I’d like to think knowing those things decades ago would have made my journey a bit less tumultuous.

That said, learning them when I did and knowing them now helps keep me moving forward in the face of challenge. They remind me of who I really am at my core…a powerful being of love and light. And, they keep me aligned with my purpose and passion in sharing my philosophies and creations with the world.

With Grace, Kimble

P.S. Are you interested in integrating your life lessons? Get started by taking my Core Instincts Quiz – it’s free!

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