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Why Do You Settle?

Why do we stay in relationships, jobs, situations in general that are mediocre…or worse? Why do you settle for surviving instead if thriving? Are you fearful of losing something? Love, attention, money, respect, status? Or maybe you’re not sure if you can, if you’re lovable, if you can pick yourself back up following a loss? Perhaps it’s just as simple as change is hard.

If it’s any or many of those things, it boils down to the same thing – it’s fear that keeps us from moving forward. Fear keeps you stuck, swirling around the very thing you don’t want.

What percentage of people are held back by fear? 25% 50% 75%

The most important message is YOU deserve more, we all deserve more. You are not broken, and you are worthy of genuine happiness. Second, fear is natural. It’s not about eliminating fear – it’s about putting it in its place, so you are running the show instead of your fears.

For example, if you’re driving a car, leaving one place and heading toward another, are you looking backward to see where, what or who you left? No (well, hopefully not 😊), you’re looking forward in the direction you want to go.

Life is pretty much the same. In order to move forward and achieve your goals you must look ahead, not backwards. Keep your eyes, thoughts and intentions on your destination. When you focus on your goals you ignite your dreams with energy and before you know it you’ve arrived at your destination.

You’ve gone from looking backward and dwelling on your past to looking forward and fulfilling your dreams. You are enough, you’re worth it and YOU CAN!

With Grace, Kimble

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