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Why IQ Is No Longer Sufficient On Its Own

For as long as human intelligence has been scientifically measured, as far back as the early 1900’s, the Intelligence Quotient (IQ) has been the benchmark for brilliance. In Monday’s Mindset, I outlined 2 of the primary standards for measuring intelligence – the intelligence quotient (IQ) and the more contemporary emotional intelligence quotient (EIQ).

Success is directly related to your IQ and indirectly related to your EIQ – or so we’ve been told. Now, as frontier sciences for human development take precedence, a 3rd type of intelligence has emerged as the primary source, particularly when integrated with IQ and EIQ, of genius, wisdom, and sustainable success - both personal and professional.

This newly identified inner source of aptitude is Intuitive Intelligence. Francis Cholle, Founder and CEO of The Human Company suggests, “Intuitive intelligence lies beyond the boundaries of science and analytics. It bridges the realms of reality and imagination, reason and instinct, material and spiritual dimensions of human existence. Intuitive Intelligence is non-linear, a key skill for success in the new economy, an economy driven by constant disruption and chaos.”

You already have within you this source of intelligence which is greater than your IQ and EIQ combined. Intuition is a built-in feature that simply requires a shift from using your brain first and your heart second to using your intuitive intelligence as the frontrunner, with your IQ and EIQ close seconds.

Why is this so crucial? Oxford Leadership says, “In developing the strategic skills of senior management, our belief is that intuitive intelligence as one of the most important areas of leadership development…it is a critical factor in leadership.”

The HeartMath Institute’s findings identify intuition as, “The flow of awareness and insight that we experience once the mind and emotions are brought into balance and coherence through a self-initiated process. This form of intelligence is experienced as direct, intuitive knowing that manifests in thought and emotions that are beneficial for ourselves and others.”

Forbes contributor Bruce Kasanoff says that rather than relying on your intuition for the ‘correct answer’, this gut instinct tells you what is and isn’t important. Relying on your gut and intuition can take some getting used to, however when you do, you’ll find it’s on target for all aspects of your life.

Tapping into intuition and your other higher capacities –wisdom, knowing, inner power – is easier than you realize. When you find yourself overthinking or in your head, simply pause and check in with your heart. What are your feelings telling you about the matter? This is often the voice of your intuition. I’ve found that even when everyone is pressuring me to do what ‘makes sense’ (IQ), checking in with my heart (EIQ) gets me closer to the solution and when I tap into my intuition on the matter, the direction or choice becomes apparent.

For example, how many times have you sensed in your gut or your heart something that hasn’t happened yet, impending doom, a brilliant idea, or the perfect solution to a problem? Without any hint or concrete evidence of something, you simply ‘knew’ what was going to happen or what choices to make: the phone rang, and you knew who was on the other end; you took an unusual route to work without knowing why and it turned out you avoided an accident; you had a ‘crazy’ idea and it turned out to be fortuitous; you opted out of an event only to discover afterwards a disaster took place, and many more examples. That’s because you are more brilliant and intuitive than you or your brain realize.

Similarily, why are you plagued with the same old struggles or relentless unwanted thoughts and feelings? You are not the problem; your IQ is solid, and you are wiser than you appreciate. It’s all about strategy and your point of power. Your best strategies come from your ‘intuition’, combined with your brain (cognition) and heart (emotions).

The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.

We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.

Albert Einstein

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